Natural hot spring void of filtration and additives.

Relax and enjoy

Fresh seafood cuisine.

Experience some of the freshest handmade dishes.

Kura Stay IKEMORI October Open!

Himi will open a small inn and a sake bar in the town.

A hot spring springs up in a hidden inn in Himi Onsen Village, Yunosato Ikemori!

This is a legendary place where wounded animals have healed. While listening to the voices of birds, we are proud of a comfortable open-air bath surrounded by nature and a smooth bath that is gentle on the skin. Spend a peaceful and relaxing time while tasting delicious Himi sashimi and home-grown ingredients.

It was published in the hot spring guide book

We are known as one of the best natural hot springs in Japan as nominated by “Secret Hot Springs for an Onsen Master” guidebook.


About Ikemori




Natural hot springs


We carefully protect the springs discovered accidentally on the grounds 35 years ago.

Examples of hot springs

Neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, fifty shoulders, motor paralysis, uchimi, lottery, bruise, burns, chronic skin disease, chronic gynecological disease, chronic digestive tract disease, chronic constipation, gonorrhea, coldness, weak constitution, etc.

Hot spring ingredients

・Name of source: Himi Arisu Onsen
・Spring quality sodium chloride spring
・Izumi Onsen source spring 47.5 degrees Celsius Use location 43 degrees Celsius


Lunch / Dinner

Meals in your room 10: 00-15: 00

Banquets, legal matters, year-end party

Lunch can be ordered until 18:00

Please feel free to contact us.+81-766-74-6123Reservation reception from 9:00 to 21:00 (first and third Thursdays)

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